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Ellie-Mae's Mother

Although each of our Dobermans have their own personalities it is amazing to see how the Doberman Pinscher characteristics are woven into the nature of each of them.  It is for this reason that we are very selective when choosing our future Doberman parents.  We want to be sure to pass on those true Doberman traits to the next generation of Doberman Pinschers.  

VetGen DCM Clear/vWD Carrier
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Kyron's Grandfather-Fedor del Nasi
Ellie Mae's has a wonderful disposition and temperament.  She loves to play fetch and go on adventures!!
She is 1/2 American & 1/2 European.  She has lots of energy and uses it to hunt field mice whenever she gets a chance!
VetGen DCM Clear / vDW Clear
VetGen DCM Clear/vDW Carrier
Ellie-Mae's Father
vWD Clear
Ebony is beautiful black/rust female with a pedigree that has some amazing lines.  (both working and show)  
Di Perlanera, Livonija,  Kessler's, Marienburg's and more.  

​Ebony is 1/2 European and 1/2 American and weighs 72 lbs.
She produced an awesome litter with Apollo in February.
Zada & Eicon
Ebony's Mother
Ebony's Father
Apollo is a gorgeous, 100% European male.  He has a great personality that shows in the puppies he has produced in the past.  
His bone structure and strong muscular build, are a true embodiment of the goal of the Doberman breed.
He weighs 95 lbs
Apollo's Great Grandfather-Oksamit De Grande Vinko
VetGen - vDW Clear
VetGen - vDW Clear
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